Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Way Is Closed?

"Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared "the way is closed" for people smugglers as the Government trumpets 100 days since a boat arrived in Australia's territory."

Amidst the height of the political rhetoric in Australia about asylum seekers last year I shared my thoughts and concerns about our government's agenda to Stop The Boats

Nine months on and the same government are now celebrating that the way is closed to people smugglers in Australia.  While we should never condone the exploitation of vulnerable human beings by people smugglers, we should never condemn or close the door to the people who are being smuggled!

Prime Minister Abbott the way may be closed to people smugglers, but...
  • what other ways are being opened to people still seeking asylum?
  • what other ways are being implemented to process the back log of applications for asylum?
  • what other ways are being explored to confront the evils that keep people smugglers in business?
  • what other ways are being negotiated to liberate people from refugee camps?
  • what other ways are being considered to provide an alternative to detention centres?
  • what other ways are being sought to show care and compassion to vulnerable people?
Prime Minister Abbott let us now find a way to restore dignity and hope to "those who've come across the seas" and keep the way open for people who are seeking freedom from racial, religious and political oppression.

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