Thursday, May 19, 2016

Legacy of Marney's Ministry

As we celebrated the life and ministry of Major Marney Turner today we heard a number of inspiring tributes for a woman who loved the Lord she served, lived the message she preached and left a legacy in the lives she touched.  Like everybody who gathered to honour this mighty warrior of Christ, my journey of faith and growth as a leader has been significantly shaped by Marney's ministry and messages over many years.

In 1990 Len and Marney Turner were appointed as Corps Officers (Ministers) to Glenroy Corps, which was my home church in The Salvation Army.  Their appointment came at a transition in my life when I was repositioning myself to pursue God's calling to become a Salvation Army Officer. This season was a catalyst for an extraordinary time of learning and spiritual growth for me as I read widely and listened intently in preparation for a lifetime of ministry ahead.  One of my learning styles is to take copious notes to solidify new insights in my mind and multiply their impact to others.  True to my personality type I've kept every one of my notebooks, including those that contain my notes taken from the sermons Len and Marney preached at Glenroy!  

So, to extend her legacy even further, here are some hightlights from Marney's sermons in 1991 that demonstrate the consistency of her message and ministry as 'God's Soldier', faithfully preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ...

"Worship is more than a routine meeting.  Worship is a relationship of love." (13/1/1991)

"Christianity and racial prejudice are a complete contradiction." (20/1/1991)

"Neglect your prayer life and you will go stale." (27/1/1991)

"When we criticise our brother and sister in the Lord we criticise Jesus." (10/2/1991)

"The longer we are Christians the more tempted we are to take God's grace for granted!" (24/2/1991)

"Jesus brought comfort for the disturbed and disturbed the comfortable." (3/3/1991)

"Many Christians have experienced salvation but are still bound in 'grave clothes' - they elect to leave them on."  (14/4/1991)

"Don't lay down your cross and pick up something else." (28/4/1991)

"Sometimes we need to be wounded to be able to bear better fruit." (12/5/1991)

"Apart from Jesus, I have nothing!" (4/8/1991)

"People need to see a resoluteness in us.  We can't compromise under any circumstances."  (11/8/1991)

"Stop playing church and play Christianity (Jesus)!!" (18/8/1991)

"Keep your first love, keep within whispering distance of Jesus." (18/8/1991)

"God gives me everything I need to finish the race." (25/8/1991)

"Don't let the devil rob you of the joy of Jesus - stand up to him in Jesus name!" (1/9/1991)

"We must fight for souls.  We are a SALVATION Army.  The world must hear the gospel!" (29/9/1991)

"Be a soul-active Corps, not a re-active Corps." (29/9/1991)

"There is power in the cleansing blood of Jesus to be an overcomer." (6/10/1991)

"If you are going to bring glory to God through your testimony then abstain from all appearances of evil."   (13/10/1991)

"If you are rejected because of your commitment, then PRAISE GOD!" (27/10/1991)

"Earthly relationships will one day be no more, but a relationship with Jesus is eternal." (24/11/1991)

"It is our birthright to be free from the accusations from Satan." (8/12/1991)

"Christmas goes beyond the baby - remember the cross." (15/12/1991)

"How long are we prepared to wait and remain faithful to God?" (22/12/1991)

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