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Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God 
with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.
This is the first and greatest commandment."  
(Matthew 22:37-38)

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A Journal of Prayer

Personal Reflections about Holiness

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What Breaks God's Heart?
Who Am I?
Legacy of Marney's Ministry
HOLY! A review...
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National Day Of Prayer & Fasting
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Head v's Heart Knowledge
3 Warnings For Renewal Movements
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Maturity In Prayer
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Jesus Crossed Over Social Divisions
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Divine Conversations #4
Army On Its Knees
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Passion With Power & Purpose 
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The Devil's Advocate

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The CROSS Road at Emmaus
The CROSS Road at the Tomb & Ascension
The CROSS Road at Calvary
The CROSS Road at Gethsemane
The CROSS Road at Jerusalem


40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life

Day 2 - God Is The Provider Of Every Good Thing In Your Life
 Day 3 - Your Role Is To Be The Trustee
Day 4 - The Lord Watches Your Giving
Day 5 - Don't Become Prideful About Anything God Has Entrusted To You
 Day 6 - Even The Poor Are To Give To God
Day 7 - Set Up A Plan To Faithfully Give 10%
Day 8 - Don't Trust In Your Riches, But Trust In God
Day 9 - Understand Your Riches Can Deceive You
 Day 10 - Train Your Children To Be Faithful And Generous Givers
Day 11 - Focus On Being Content With God's Daily Provisions
Day 12 - You Cannot Serve God "and" Money, But You Must Serve God "with" Money
Day 13 - There Are Dangerous Consequences If You Live For Pleasure
Day 14 - Don't Live For This Life, But For Your Heavenly Home
Day 15 - The Desire For "More" Can Be A Destructive Force
Day 16 - A Group Of Leadership Gifts Can Glorify God 
Day 17 - Be Aware Of The Cautions About Growing Indebtedness
Day 18 - Give In Proportion To How God Has Blessed You Materially 
Day 19 - Women Play A Significant Part In Giving To God's Work
Day 20 - Beware Of Greed, Hoarding Or Selfishness In Your Life
Day 21 - Never Neglect God's House And Servants
Day 22 - God Has A High Regard For A Christian In Humble Financial Circumstances
Day 23 - God Has Good Works For You To Do During Your Lifetime
Day 24 - Some People Are Called To Extravagant Giving
Day 25 - God Can Do Great Things
Day 26 - God Blesses You Financially So That You Can Be A Blessing To Others
Day 27 - It Is Appropriate To Ask People How You Can Help Them
Day 28 - God Will Reward You For Your Faithful Generosity
Day 29 - The Giver & Front-line Worker Are Equal Partners In God's Work
Day 30 - Your Giving Will Be A Great Help And Encouragement To Others
Day 31 - Your Pursuit Of God And A Generous Life Will Give You A Fuller & Richer Life
Day 32 - God Will Bring Specific People Into Your Life That You Can Truly Help
Day 33 - Any Wealth Gained By The Wrong Means Has Serious Consequences
Day 34 - God Can Use Anyone And Any Resource To Provide For His Work
Day 35 - Your Giving In This Life Will Have An Impact On Your Experiences In Eternity
Day 36 - When You Give To The Poor, Don't Do It For Public Recognition
Day 37 - Even Your Smallest Acts Of Kindness Will Be Remembered And Rewarded
Day 38 - A Main Focus For Your Giving Should Be Your Local Church & Leaders
Day 39 - Building Projects Are Worthy Of Your Support
Day 40 - God Will Show You Other Giving Opportunities Worthy Of Your Support



 Holy Spirit


Jesus Christ


  Trinitarian Theology



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