Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Dreaming Of A Holy Spirit Revival!

Every time I sing the Brooke Fraser song Hosanna I am captured by the words, "I see a near revival, stirring as we pray and seek, we're on our knees, we're on our knees."  And when I hear the song Revival by Robin Mark my heart beats a little harder in sync with the rhythm as I sing the words, "I feel it in my spirit, feel it in my bones, you're gonna send revival, bring 'em all back home."

We are currently in a season of ministry where God is stirring a 'Holy Discontent' deep within our spirits and repositioning our church for a mighty movement of His Spirit!  In such a season a spiritual battle is raging personally and corporately as resistance to the work of the Spirit is being confronted and blockages are being revealed to make way for a Holy Spirit revival.  

We are being called back to submission to the authority of God's Word.  


We are being challenged to engage in passionate corporate prayer.


We are being confronted by the presence and power of Holy Spirit.

The other night I had a dream about a Holy Spirit revival that was so vivid: I dreamt that I was attending a large gathering at the Melbourne Town Hall where there was a loud commotion going on in the main auditorium.  Those gathered in the foyer were clearly concerned by what was going on inside and there were people trying to block the doors and prevent others from entering.  As I tried to get a look at what was happening I too was physically blocked from going inside.  I pushed my through the obstruction and forced my way past the person blocking the doorway into the commotion inside.  What I found was a hall full of people slain in the Spirit with many manifesting various other signs of the Spirit.  There was a loud noise and it became clear that there was a mighty movement of Holy Spirit going on!  As I progressed down the aisle I was overwhelmed by the presence of God and what was happening around me.  When I exited the rear of the building I was left pondering the meaning of what was happening both inside the auditorium and in the foyer by those who tried to prevent me and others from seeing this movement of the Spirit.

Normally when I dream, the details are sketchy and I rarely remember the dream beyond waking up.  There is conservative part of me that is even a little reluctant to read too much into dreams, but the Scripture clearly says, "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.  Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams"  (Acts 2:17).  Now, let me be clear - I am not an old man!  However, I did dream a dream that has left a strong imprint in my mind and on my spirit!  As I have reflected upon and prayed about this dream over the past 24 hours I believe it reveals our current spiritual reality locally and beyond.  In a season where God is wanting to unleash Holy Spirit revival, I feel this dream confronts me (us) with some powerful questions:

  • Who or what is obstructing me from seeing and experiencing Holy Spirit power in my own life?
  • Who or what is obstructing us from seeing and experiencing Holy Spirit power in our church/es?
  • Are we standing on the shores watching the wave of the Spirit pass us by or are we in the water riding that wave?
  • Who are those around us acting as gate keepers trying to contain the movement of the Spirit?
  • How hard are we pushing through that which is blocking this movement of the Spirit?
  • Do we really want to see Holy Spirit revival in our lives and our church/es?
My dream and desire is to experience the fullness of the presence and power of the Spirit and for a Holy Spirit revival to be unleashed in our church and across the entire movement of the Christian church!!


  1. Robert I am so encouraged by your comments in this post. I believe God is definitely up to something in our nation and in our churches especially within Salvation Army churches. We have been sensing a similar move taking place here in Port Augusta. God is doing an amazing work up here and people are beginning to be transformed as God's Spirit moves among them. We are being called to move in a new direction. The old is gone and the new has come. Our people are hungry and craving a move of the Spirit but for years they have had no direction and they don't know how to engage with the Spirit of God. As you have said already, there are many who do not understand. Who do not want to see change and who do not understand the things of the Spirit. But God has given clear direction. He is calling His church to rise up and to immerse itself in the presence of God. We are praying for a mighty move of the Spirit and I believe with all my heart that it is not far away. God has been strategically positioning people and he is preparing us for what will soon take place. We are with you in prayer my friend. Keep praying until something happens. All glory to the King of kings. Praise be to God!!!

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    2. Thanks Dave! I am encouraged by a new generation of Salvationists (young and old) who share a hunger for holiness and a hope for revival!!