Sunday, May 5, 2013

Passion With Power & Purpose

I seem to be writing a lot about passion lately - A Passionate Life, Zealous For The Lord, A Passionate Resolution, Balanced People Don't Change The World.  One only has to look at the structure of my blog to see that I am a passionate person with a passion for my life to reflect the character of Christ and make a difference in the lives of others.

Tonight, I was blessed by the ministry of respected leaders and friends Majors Len and Marney Turner, two of the most passionate, Spirit-filled leaders I know.  They were the guest leaders at a new event we have commenced in our church called EQUIP, which is all about "Unleashing a Passion for the LORD, the LOST, LIFE and LEADERSHIP" in the lives of the leaders of our church.

Marney captured this theme well when she said,  "If ever there is a need for godly passionate men and women of God to lead, it is now!"

While we indeed need leaders with passion, passion alone is like a flame without fuel and passion astray is like a flame without direction.  History is full of leaders who have either lost or misdirected their passion.  However, leaders who are grounded in Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit have passion with power and purpose! 

Erwin McManus writes in his book Uprising, "Our quest is to have God’s character formed in us that His passions might burn in us.”  Lord, raise up a generation of leaders who have the character of Jesus Christ and a Holy Spirit passion burning deep within their souls!

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