Saturday, May 18, 2013

Making A Difference!

Dr. Frank Napier: "The truth is that for all your talking, all your 'Crazy Joe' routine, what have you ever done? Nothing. You're nothing but an insignificant man. It's like you were never born. Your life hasn't made one bit of difference, and neither has mine. Wanna take that to the grave?"

The above quote is taken from an exchange between the city's school superintendent Dr Frank Napier and a school principal Joe Clark in the 1989 movie Lean On Me.  Dr. Napier challenges Joe Clark to accept a job as principal at a failing high school to help turn their test scores around before the state takes over the school.  This is an inspiring film about what can happen when a person dares to believe they really can make a difference.

I wonder how others will evaluate my life when I go to the grave?  What difference will my life have made?  When I accepted God's call upon my life to become a Salvation Army Officer I pursued a life of significance and dared to believe that by God's help I really could make a difference.  I refused to settle for a life of mediocrity and just accept the world as it is.  I took Jesus commission to "go into the world and make disiples of all nations" seriously and had the audacity to believe that what happened at Pentecost could actually happen today!  

While not everybody is called to full time ministry in The Salvation Army, I do believe that everybody is called to a life of significance.  I do believe that everybody can make a difference when they commit their lives to God's purposes.  I do believe that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things in His name.  You and I have the power to write our epitaph today by the life we choose to live so that our lives may be remembered for the difference they have made in the lives of others.  What ever you choose to do with your life, don't settle for a life of a lesser purpose!

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  1. As soon as you let Jesus into your life you start to make a differences in the lives of the people around you. And the more you as an individual you grow with god the bigger the impacted you will have in the lives of your family and the people that god places in your life to have an influence in the way that they mite see the world and the lord Jesus.