Thursday, September 6, 2012

Edge Conference 2012 Highlights - 2

At the close of a phenomenal conference I find myself reflecting over the amazing teaching and new friendships gained the past couple of days with a grateful heart.  Once again Holy Spirit spoke directly into our lives giving insightful and timely revelation to our specific leadership and ministry context.  Praise the Lord!!  Below is a final summary of my highlights from the various speakers as recorded in my notes (unfortunately, I missed sessions 5-7 due to study commitments at Tabor College):

Session 8:  Dr Robi Sonderegger

"Through the power of inference people can believe that they are great."
Clinical psychology understands that whatever you focus your attention on you get more of."
"If you are going to succeed you need to have a renewing of the mind."
"In our community it is so easy to focus on the tragedies.  God wants us to be a mirror of Christ to the world so that when they look at the Church they see Jesus.  When they look at the Church they see the solution not the problem."
"If we can unite together as the Church and reflect the heart of God we can make history."
"The Church can be the answer if we will embody and reflect the love of Christ."
"No one ever died from a snake bite.  We don't die from the bite but the poison that remains in us.  Unless we deal with the poison of the past, we cannot change the future."
"Imagine if forgiveness and reconciliation, the heart of the Church, were integrated into the world."
"While we remain focussed on the problem we perpetuate the pain."

Session 9:  Paul De Jong

"We have a need to declare favour.  We have got to stop working for favour and declare it."
"God's provision is based upon his agenda, linked with our wholehearted commitment."
"I need to activate the seed that has already been sown."
"God says, 'If you can trust Me (faith) and I can trust you (works) then supernatural outcomes are the resulting reality."
"Why don't you reduce the revelation you are receiving and apply the energy of faith you already have and you will see momentum (be faithful with the little and God will bless you with more)."
"The more time you spend in God's Word the more your hope will turn into faith."
"Faith (my application of what God puts in front of me) is the substance of things hoped for."
"God's revelation and my application is what God has called me to."
"The global Church is God's primary expression of His Kingdom here on earth."

Session 10:  Geoff Woodward

"Defining moments are when you can only see what's in front of you right now."
"Defining moments don't turn up with signs on them, but turn up in the ordinariness of life as problems."
"Some of the most gifted people have the least impact because it is more about character."
"Who we appoint defines our leadership."
"Do you know what you are called to do or are you spiritual velcro?"

Session 11:  Glyn Barrett

"There is something to be said about tenacity, to hang in there long enough to live a legacy and to leave a legacy."
"God saw the problem before He gave you the promise."
"Through Him we can achieve far more than in our own capacity."
"There is a "yes" in heaven, but an "amen" that needs to be spoken by us.  Agreement releases the promise."
"Hear the "yes" of God and say "amen" so that you will walk through the process to obtain the promise."

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