Friday, August 17, 2012

Leadership 12-8

Leadership 12:8 is an exciting Leadership Development Program for local Corps leaders, providing access to quality training resources from Scripture and successful international leaders from the church and marketplace.

Facilitated in a local setting, this program offers a learning environment where universal leadership principles and skills can be learnt and applied within your specific ministry context.

The ‘Introduction to Leadership’ is the first course of the Leadership Development Program and will be facilitated in two Modules, each comprising of four 2 hour sessions.

Module 1 will teach you basic leadership principles & skills, provide you with an understanding of the character of a leader and will help you discover and develop your leadership potential.

Module 2 will provide you with insight into the importance of developing a team of leaders, and teach you how to evaluate, equip and empower potential leaders.

Each module, facilitated by Major Robert Evans, is based upon John Maxwell's teaching curriculum from his best selling books entitled ‘Developing The Leader Within You’ and 'Developing the Leaders Around You'.  His teaching will provide you with practical and personal application of principles to inspire you how to develop the vision, value, influence and motivation required of successful leaders.

Let us each be faithful to Paul’s call in Romans 12:8 to “Lead with all diligence” as we fulfil God’s vision for the local church.

Contact Major Robert Evans at about how to participate in Leadership 12-8

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