Friday, August 17, 2012

Global Vision

I pray that these words, "All the families of the earth," may be written on our hearts. It is this expression more than any other which reveals the living God of the Bible to be a missionary God. It is this expression too which condemns all our petty parochialism and narrow nationalism, our racial pride (whether white or black), our condescending paternalism, and arrogant imperialism. How dare we adopt a hostile or scornful or even indifferent attitude to any person of another colour or culture if our God is the God of "all the families of the earth?" We need to become global Christians with a global vision, for we have a global God. (John Stott)
John Stott presents a passionate prayer for a global vision of the Church that captures the missionary heart of God for "all the families of the earth."  His uncompromising criticism of cultural division and indifference is a timely prophetic call to Christ followers to bridge the cultural divide with the all-inclusive love of God.

God promised to bless "all the nations of the earth", the prophets prophesied that God would "pour out his Spirit on all people", Jesus commanded the disciples to "go into all the world", and the Spirit descended upon the disciples in the presence of "every nation under heaven."  

How will the Church respond to this global vision of our global God in this generation?

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