Monday, February 16, 2015

National Day of Prayer & Fasting

Today I joined a gathering of Christians at Parliament House in Canberra for the National Day of Prayer & Fasting.  Together, with two other Salvation Army Officers from Melbourne, we assembled in the Great Hall for six hours of powerful worship of our Lord and passionate prayers for our nation with people from diverse church and cultural backgrounds.  Yet amidst the diversity of this crowd was a shared unity of spirit through a common union with Jesus Christ.  From beginning to end we had an acute awareness that we were a part of something of kingdom significance and had a strong anticipation that God would use this event to reshape the spiritual climate of Australia.

Throughout the day we were guided through a variety of worship and prayer experiences that focused on Adoration, Worship & Thanksgiving - Repentance & Revival - Australia's Christian History & Heritage - Praying for Leaders - National Repentance Service - Delight & Destiny.  

Two significant highlights for me were the bilingual prayer and worship service led by the Rhema Chinese Church and the National Repentance Service for the abuse and hurt caused by the church led by Commissioner James Condon.  

The Chinese leaders uttered passionate and prophetic prayers that spoke of renewal and revival in our nation.  They demonstrated an unbridled faith that dared to believe that Australia really could be won for Jesus...and that the Australian Chinese church would lead the way!  From what I saw today, I have no doubt!!  Engaging in a bilingual service reminds you that we worship the God of all nations and really allows you to connect with the heart of God through the heart language of His people.

The Commissioner's prayer of repentance was powerfully illustrated through an act of humility by him washing the feet of a survivor of abuse by the church while in the care of The Salvation Army as a child.  We were deeply moved by the survivor's story of restoration and healing and the Commissioner, together with other church leaders, demonstration of repentance and humility.  Through the regrets of the past came a resolute commitment to righteousness in the future.

Jesus was truly glorified today!  Holy Spirit was present!  God's heart was revealed!  The Church was united!  The gates of Hell were shaken!  The National Day of Prayer & Fasting was a catalyst for revival in our nation!

Let every Church leader, Christ follower and Christian politician put Sunday, 7th February 2016 on their calendar and plan to make the pilgrimage to Canberra next year to participate in the National Day of Prayer & Fasting.  Visit to register or for more details.

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