Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Giving Your Best, Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Another late night and another stage of the Giro d'Italia (the world's second biggest cycling race for the uniformed) continues to bring many moments of inspiration!  Elite cyclists endure tough conditions and brutal crashes, yet front up each day at the next stage of a three week bike race to put it all on the line for their team.

As a proud Aussie, I have been particularly impressed by the performance of the Australian team Orica GreenEDGE and Cadel Evans who rides for team BMC.  Sport Director from Orica GreenEDGE, Matt White reports after stage 10:

"We’ve got a lot of guys that aren’t 100 percent at the moment, but they continue to give 110 percent. It’s another very pleasing day in that regard.”

As a leader there are many days when I am not feeling 100 percent because of the realities of life and/or the demands of leadership.  On these days I have a choice - to perform according to how I feel or to give my best despite how I feel.  The difference is not in the result but the effort.  It is easy to justify away mediocre performance when life is tough, but it takes character and commitment to strive for excellence through every season of life.  I am not talking about a self-destructive form of asceticism or an unattainable perfectionism, but an enduring spirit that fights through pain barriers to always give one's best.

So, despite the battle scars of leadership, an 110 percent attitude is more about resilience than results, determination than defeatism and an unwavering commitment to turn up each day and give your best, even when you don't feel like it!

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