Tuesday, November 5, 2013

N.O. = Next Opportunity!

There is a great a scene from the movie 'Cool Runnings' that describes the sort of spirit evident in the never give up attitude of four-time Emmy Award winner and Producer Mark Burnett:

IrvDo the words give up mean anything to you?
Derice:  Not a thing.

Mark Burnett spoke passionately at the 2013 Global Leadership Summit in an interview with Pastor Bill Hybels about his faith, career and leadership.  In the interview he said about his career, "People kept saying no, but all I could hear is next opportunity."

It takes a clear vision and resolute will not to allow the opposition of others to discourage you from fulfilling your purpose.  Seeing NO as an invitation to explore the NEXT OPPORTUNITY rather than as a statement of defeat is often the difference between finding a way to fulfill your purpose and giving up on your dreams!

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