Wednesday, August 14, 2013

12 Months of EphesiansFour12

Today marks the 1st anniversary of blogging under the title of EphesiansFour12.  This has been an extraordinary journey fulfilling my Passion for the LORD, the LOST, LIFE and LEADERSHIP by sharing what God has been speaking into my life through his Spirit, Word, and other passionate leaders.  

Through this blog I have sought to compliment my calling as a Salvation Army Officer to "equip the people of God for the work of the ministry by building up the body of Christ" through written reflections that demonstrate passionate faith, holy living, inspiring leadership and Christ-centred mission.

Pursuing a passion for the LORD has taken me deep into God's Word, inviting Holy Spirit to "reveal great and unsearchable things I do not know" (Jeremiah 33:3).  It has challenged me to pursue holy living that reflects the character of Jesus and to engage in a passionate prayer life that connects with the heart of the Father.

Pursuing a passion for the LOST has broken my heart for the things that break God's heart.  It has ignited a fire within my spirit for the "Saved to Save" mission of The Salvation Army, fueled an intolerance for injustice and formed a holy discontent for mission that is devoid of good news or denies the power of Jesus Christ.

Pursuing a passion for LIFE has been a celebration of a physical and spiritual transformation that has brought into alignment a commitment to nurture a healthy body, mind and spirit.  It has allowed me to explore and explain the motivation that led and sustained me on the pathway towards life transformation and develop "The Cycle of Motivation" as a tool to empower others in their life journey.

Pursuing a passion for LEADERSHIP has been an exciting journey of discovery from a variety of leadership interactions with people of like mind and spirit.  It is a journey that has exposed me to the teaching of successful church, business and political leaders - both past and present, in person and from the pages of books.  It has taught me how to be an equipping and empowering leader.

What I have learned and shared over the past twelve months through EphesiansFour12 has awakened apostolic and prophetic gifts that have taken me to places as a leader I would have never imagined.  Therefore, I can't wait to experience what God has in store for the next twelve months as I continue to Pursue a Passion for the LORD, the LOST, LIFE and LEADERSHIP.

Thank you for sharing the journey!

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