Saturday, February 23, 2013

Testimony Of Faith

Tonight, I was granted the privilege of witnessing the testimony of faith of a very close friend who has recently committed his life to Christ.  Our lives intersected 16 years ago during my first appointment as a Salvation Army Officer.  We became good friends and developed a mutual respect for each other despite the differences between our faith perspectives and worldviews.  Through the years of our friendship I have unapologetically lived out my faith but have given Holy Spirit space to speak into the life of my friend through the integrity of our friendship.  This has been a shared journey of faith with other mutual friends who have also bore witness to the love of Christ and have equally invested into this friendship.  God's faithfulness, authentic relationships and consistent witness have played a significant role in this life submitting to Jesus Christ!

Words cannot adequately express the joy I felt tonight hearing this testimony of faith together with another couple who have shared a part of this journey!  My friend's new commitment to Jesus has reinforced what I consider to be fundamental elements in any faith journey:

Universality of the Spirit - Holy Spirit is already at work in the hearts and minds of unbelievers, leading them towards a revelation of Jesus Christ.

Authentic Relationships - Relationships must be real and not conditional upon a commitment of faith, nor should people be treated as an evangelical project.

Consistent Witness - It is true that actions speak louder than words.  There must be an alignment between the way we live and what we profess.

Persistent Prayer - Don't give up praying for those whom God has placed on your heart. God is faithful and it is His will that none be lost (John 6:39).

Shared Journey - Never underestimate the role you play in a person's faith journey!  You may not be the one to lead them across the line of salvation, but your influence may advance their journey toward that commitment.

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