Monday, December 31, 2012

Vision & Hope For The New Year

At the close of 2012, I celebrate the extraordinary impact God has had on the lives of a number of new members of our congregation.  Below is a New Year's message from Sharyn sent tonight via text to all her friends.  Sharyn is a bright light in our church who has emerged out of a past of hurt and brokenness through rediscovering her faith.  She has a vibrant personality, a passionate spirituality and can't help but to share the hope that she has found in Christ Jesus.

Sharyn's message (inspired by Scripture and Joyce Meyer) shared with her permission for your encouragement:

People who have a sad past need to be able to believe in a bright future - Proverbs 29:18 says that where there is no vision, people will perish.

A vision is something we see in our mental minds - "a mental sight " as one definition puts it - it may be something God plants in us supernaturally or something we see on purpose. It involves the way we think about our past, our our future, and ourselves.

Some people are afraid to believe God for a vision. They think they may be setting themselves up for disappointment.  They have not yet realized they will be perpetually disappointed if they do not believe.  If I am describing you, remember this truth - it does not cost anything to believe!  You're better off, feeling on purpose, like believing for a lot and get even half of it, than believing for nothing & getting all of nothing!

I challenge you this new year to come along side me & start believing me that something good is going to happen to us out of all this pain, hurt & emotional stress that we've all experienced recently or been ongoing.  Ask God for a vision to pursue, and believe you can do whatever you need to in life through Christ - DO NOT have a "give-up-easily" attitude!  Let your faith Soar!

Be creative with your thoughts, either using materials like scrapbooking, journaling or paint or drawings or magazine clippings & take an inventory of what you NEED your life to look like or need to achieve (need is better than wanting, as needing to get better is stronger & far out ways the want!) - I myself found this out the hard way only this week! And it's okay if you're not artistic either - just doodle something & have fun! (although remember it needs to relate to your hopes, dreams & goals) - & nothing's too big!!  Remember to dream again & believe as our future is so bright!! 

Ask yourself - "what have I been believing lately?"  An honest answer may help you understand why you have not been receiving what you have wanted to receive.  Allow God's redemptive revelation to lead you away from the dead ends of your life and give you a vision & new hope for your future!

Have a happy & safe new year & looking forward to seeing all the progresses in which we all can make if we chose to this new year!  

Love Sharyn x x x

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